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Download our guide to find out how Nuvola, SingleStep, and eHotelier have combined to ensure your staff is in sync, intelligently trained and consistently delivering an exceptional guest experience.
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"With our new user-friendly solution, hoteliers have the ability to ensure their staff is getting things done efficiently, which ultimately leads to a better overall and more consistent guest experience.”

- Juan Carlos Abello, CEO Nuvola

Deliver Consistent Guest Experiences by providing learning and development content to your staff at key moments

Find out how you can:

  • Ensure guest experiences are consistent with your hotels core messaging, brand values, and overall culture
  • Reduce employee turnover by getting to know your staffs pain points and overall happiness 
  • Drive HR and hotel operations content to your staff in real time
  • Ensure standard operating procedures are uniformed across all departments
  • On-board new hires faster and more effectively

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"It’s no secret that training is the key to ensuring productivity and quality service, and it’s up to management to put the right resources in the hands of their staff."

Juan Carlos Abello, CEO Nuvola

"This combined solution results in a better educated team which ultimately equates to a better experience for hotel guests."

Matt Kowalczyk, President Mediafolio

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"Every new hire is an investment and it’s important the right resources are given to each person to ensure both their personal success and the overall success of the hotel."

Matthew Stephens, President eHotelier